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Issue # 1

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Indians in Cyberspace
by Mike MacDonald

Who is
by Cheryl L'Hirondelle

First Nations in Cyberspace
by Mike Patterson

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Welcome to the premiere issue of ConunDrum Online, dedicated to Aboriginal art and culture on the digital land.

Editor-in-Chief:  Steve Loft

About ConunDrum Online

ConunDrum Online is a resource for anyone interested in the significant transformations and contributions contemporary Aboriginal art and art history are making within Canadian art overall, and in the realm of online contemporary art.


It goes beyond the notion of simple publication and enters the realm of translation, exploring how media refashions the logic of communication strategies to encompass a broader understanding of contemporary cultural phenomena.

Editor-in-Chief:  Steve Loft
Editor:  Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew

Editorial Addendum:
Drumbeats to Drumbytes: Globalizing Networked Aboriginal Art

Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew

Drumbeats to Drumbytes Table of Contents

Drumbeats to Drumbytes: The Emergence of Networked Indigenous Art Practice

Unbearable Whiteness: Globalized (Neo)Colonial Monoculture and the Silences of Poverty and Exploitation

The Animasphere: Reconsituting Globalization Through Networked Indigeneities


Indians In CyberSpace

Mike MacDonald

Who is

Cheryl L'Hirondelle

First Nations in Cyberspace: Two Worlds and Tricksters - Where the Forest meets the Highway

Mike Patterson

First Nations in Cyberspace Table of Contents

Chapter Three: Pre-Cyberspace Prophecies Now in Place: Light It Or Lose It. (7TH Fire)

3.1 The Seventh Fire Prophecy

3.2 The Seven Generations Prophecy

3.3 Missing the Mainstream and 3.4 Conclusions

Chapter Four: Moccasin Telegraph Telecom

4.1 The Fiddle and the Drum

4.2 Menace and Promise in the Media

4.3 Questions - Adoptions, Survivals

Chapter Seven: Conclusions and Implications for First Nations

7.1 Two Worlds and Tricksters

7.2 The New Communities

7.3 Native N-Geners

7.4 Freedom for the People?

7.5 First Nations in Cyberspace


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