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Issue # 3

Issue # 3

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Remembering in America: Toward a Critical Dialogue
by Shanna Ketchum

Lita Fontaine - Sacred Feminine
by Amy Karlinsky

The Last Time I Saw Venice - Rebecca Belmore's Fountain
by Cathy Mattes

Renwick for Urban Shaman
by Loren Roberts

Feathers Float
by Jenny Fraser

Concepts of Native America
by Robert Houle

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Wild Nature and the Digital Life
Guest Editors: Sue Thomas and Dene Grigar

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is inviting papers and artworks that deal with the emerging data-based spatial practice of Locative Media.

Wild nature has traditionally been perceived as the preserve of the physical world and may seem to have little to do with the abstract spaces of the digital. But what can be described as “wild nature” at a time when much of the earth’s land is being annexed by cities, brought into production, and turned into tourist meccas or eco-excursions? How are humans reinventing “the wild” digitally? What is the relationship between humans and wild nature, and has it changed with the advent of the computer technology? Is the notion of wild nature limited to the physical world, and if not, then where else can we find it? How do those who are most immersed in the digital integrate it with the physical? [More...]

Making Things Our Own
The Indigenous Aesthetic in Digital Storytelling

by Candice Hopkins

They say that we are the carriers of history; the storytellers and artists must express their visions for the people to see... how will we create our history together, now, in this time and space? (Marjorie Beaucage)1

Cherokee writer Thomas King begins his book The Truth About Stories (Toronto: House of Anansi Press, 2003) with these lines: "There is a story I know. It's about the earth and how it floats in space on the back of a turtle. [More...]
Archive of First Nations performance art works at grunt from 1989 to present. Contained within are many photos, videos, essays and other texts which represent the core of our archives but, as they are extensive, it is not yet complete. [More...]

proppaNOW artists collective
proppaNOW is a Queensland-based Artists Run Initiative with a Vision. proppaNOW constantly produces innovative work with an approach that comes from urban expression and questions the position that is ascribed to Aboriginal people and culture within the Australian context. [More...]

Jimmie Durham
Internationally acclaimed artist sites new work in the River Wear
The River Wear’s rich history gives rise to many curious facts and legends. Some of these stories lie buried in the river’s bed. Artist Jimmie Durham will be adding to this heritage with a major new public artwork entitled Particle/Wave Theory #2.
The project, which is a collaboration between Durham, the University of Sunderland’s Reg Vardy Gallery Off-Site Programme and The Banff Centre, Canada will involve sinking a rowing boat in the Wear with a large boulder. [More...]

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