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Issue # 4

Issue # 4

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Dana Claxton's The Patient Storm
by David Garneau

Wounds and Words: Nadia Myre’s Want Ads and Other Scars
by Stacey Abramson

Five Contemporary Manitoba Artists, Who Happen to be Aboriginal
by Cathy Mattes

An Interview with Colleen Cutschall
by Cathy Mattes

Artist Project:  Dance of the Canoe Pants
by Shelley Niro

About ConunDrum Online

A resource for anyone interested in the significant transformations and contributions contemporary Aboriginal art and art history are making within Canadian art overall, and in contemporary art online.

ConunDrum is an online magazine exploring Aboriginal art and engaging in a discourse of a distinct Aboriginal aesthetic. ConunDrum provides an online resource for a general audience of anyone interested in art, Aboriginal artistic expression, cultural production and critical engagement.

The works presented by ConunDrum will be of special interest and benefit to Aboriginal artists, art/art history teachers/professors, students, gallery curators, arts writers and other arts professionals. As well, it will be of direct interest to Aboriginal artists as a source of information, a culturally appropriate voice and advocate, and a meeting ground for other artists.

ConunDrum contains critical writing on a wide range of issues as well as exhibition reviews/essays, opinion, and fiction and poetry by Aboriginal writers. Expanded and full colour visuals, graphics as well as (but certainly not limited to) interactive elements, flash video presentation, audio presentations, and artist BLOGs (web logs) are also featured.

ConunDrum Online is a production of Urban Shaman Gallery
and began as a quarterly print newsletter "CONUNDRUM: Art for the Seventh Generation" edited by Samuel Cecil Alexander, Steve Loft, and Melissa Wastasecoot.

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